A timeline of events in Aissür:

Year 1 1E (first era)

Elder dragons create the world. Bahamut creates Aissür, Tiamat creates the Underdark.

1-100 1E

No defined order present, constant warring between races/regions (human vs. elf vs. dwarf, North vs. South, Upper vs. Under)

97 1E

Southmarsh unified by humans, Thronholm taken from giants, named capitol

99 1E

Amonduin unified by elves, Numenthas founded and named capitol

100 1E

Drow, dwarves driven back underground, most of landmass claimed by humans or elves


7 2E

War declared between humans and elves with Dalnacree (not yet named) as the battle ground.

19 2E

Hazelwick founded, establishes human foothold in Dalnacree. With a major city to strike from, humans begin to turn the tide of war.

26 2E

Forcoa founded in north of Dalnacree by elves. Elves push humans back to Hazelwick.

27 2E

Elves found Anthor.

45 2E

Drow begin raids on Hazelwick and Anthor. Neither humans or elves inform the other, lest they invite increased attacks in their weakened state.

53 2E

Drow declare all out war on humans and elves, razing Forcoa.

58 2E

Humans and elves sign treaty of Brestone, forming an alliance to defeat the drow. Neither side trusts the other enough to name one of their cities a neutral staging ground for attacks on drow, so Brestone is founded on the principle of cooperation.

64 2E

Humans and elves finally defeat drow, pushing them back underground. Uneasy peace declared between humans and elves. Neither side willing to give Dalnacree to the other; Dalnacree governed by all 3 governments of Anthor, Hazelwick, Brestone.


1-250 3E (present)

Peace continues between humans and elves, and ties between nations are strengthened.

247 3E

For the first time in nearly 250 years, groups of drow are seen above ground….


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