This page will contain general information about the continent in which this campaign will take place, Aissür. When the party discovers more things, they will be added. I encourage everyone to make pages/update information for anything they feel useful.

General Stuff

Aissür is an island system isolated from other major land masses. To be honest, the terrain, shape, layout, etc, is based pretty directly on Japan.

The continent is made up of 3 countries. Southmarsh makes up the southern islands and the western penninsula of largest island, and is mainly populated by humans. The northernmost island is inhabited by elves, and is called Amonduin. Dalnacree, the central country, contains no official capitol, but is governed by 3 cities in a cooperative union. Dalnacree is populated with elves, humans, and half-elves. A handful of dwarven settlements lie underneath the Wardeham mountains in Dalnacree, with 1 large city uniting them.

Dalnacree is much less densely inhabited than Southmarsh or Amonduin. The governments of Numenthas and Thronholm cooperate with each other, but are largely hostile. The three countries enjoy a thriving naval trade, connecting them for exchanges of both goods and cultures.

Numerous wars have been fought over the years between humans and elves, but during the last war an army of drow seized the opportunity to claim the overworld for their own. In order to survive, humans and elves made a hasty alliance to defeat the drow, which has survived since then. The dwarves have stayed neutral throughout history, and are largely absent from the society of men and elves.

Although the drow were defeated, they were not altogether destroyed, and several drow civilizations still exist beneath the surface of Aissür.


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